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Live Training- 3 Days A Week! It's Only $19.95/month! Cancel Anytime.

Take Action.
Get Big Results.

Great work taking action from the Instagram Live Workout Tonight!
Just for putting your trust in me.  And investing in yourself and your game through JLawBBall LIVE...

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Live Workouts.
3 Days a Week.
You Need A Ball. Some Space.
And To Be Ready To WORK!

I’ve put together the most personal and innovative basketball training you can find online. 
A system that allows me to PERSONAL train you, live, in person, 5 days a week.
AND you won’t have to fly to California to get in the gym with me 
You can do it from wherever you live in the world, every day.
I know this sounds incredible, but before I move on...
I want to let you know that this training is NOT like online skill training 
you’ve seen from other basketball trainers.
You WILL have to put in work. A lot of work to get the results you 
Unlike the “other trainers” who are happy to give you basic drills, work-
outs, and strategies that are general and for everyone… 
I want to push you.
  I want to CHALLENGE you.
I want you to unlock the beast inside of you…
Unlock the player you always THOUGHT you could be but just never 
had access to the training or coach to bring the best out of you. 
What I’m about to reveal to you is… different
It’s not going to be easy.
It’s going to challenge you.  
No matter whether you’re brand new to basketball or an elite player, 
this training adapts to you, your skillset, your needs and PUSHES you. 
You just have to put in the work.
If you do that, I won’t let you down, and I’ll be there every day to hold
 you accountable so we can accomplish your goals together. 
… I’m willing to dedicate my time, effort, and knowledge 3 DAYS a 
LIVE. In person.
Yes, you heard me right..
I’m going to dedicate my time to train you and a small group of other
players, 100% LIVE In PERSON. 3 Days a week.
Not only will I work with you live, but I’ll use my 3 Focus basketball 
training system that guarantees you faster results than you’ve EVER seen before!

I Created JLawBBall LIVE
around 3 Game-Changing

The edge is what I refer to that differentiates GREAT training from “good training” or “feel good training”.
GREAT training is where average players get better and good players get great.  
GREAT training takes you farther…faster.
Maybe I show you ONE tweak to your move that tacks on 6-8 more points a game...
Or ONE Minor (or MAJOR) adjustments to how you think about basketball… analyze situ-
ations, understand when to do what move, that takes you from a bench player to a 
starter next season.
I give you a MUCH deeper bag of moves, tactics, techniques… that come straight from 
the NBA and Division 1 basketball.
Moves that work against the best defenders in the world. If it works at that level, how 
will it do at the level you currently play?
That’s the EDGE!
There’s a reason some of the BEST players in the world come to Irvine, California to work 
on their game instead of any other gym in the country…
They come to work with me and my team of elite coaches.
Why? They get GREAT training. They get training they are willing to hang their
They get the Edge.  
With JLawBBall LIVE, you’ll work with me LIVE 5 days a week. 
I take you through the work outs in person. Results simply won’t come faster (unless you train with me in person) than I “virtually” walking you through the workouts together. 
You’ll get access to my CURRENT elite training that I’m using and teaching TODAY with my top players.
Unlike other trainer’s “online programs” that were created months or years ago...

You’ll get the same drills I’m taking our pro’s like Klay Thompson,
Carmelo Anthony, CJ McCollum and Julius Randle through…
the same week… or even the same day, they’re working with me.

But not only is the training insanely FRESH, but how you CONSUME the content is even FASTER! 
Instead of having to log in to some “online membership password”, with a new username or password, on some website you’ll forget how to visit.
Instead of having to log in to some “online membership password”, with a new username or password, on some website you’ll forget how to visit.
I bring daily LIVE training to YOU, where you’re likely already hanging out!
With JLawBBall LIVE… 
The training comes to you… daily, live on Instagram! 
That’s right...
You just hop into Instagram…
.. head over to my private and Exclusive Member’s Only IG Account…
And you’ll see I’ve added you as a “Close Friends”..
This means you’re part of a premium inner circle of players that has some of my BEST content, training, and workouts reserved for YOUR EYES ONLY…
...3 Days a week!  
Just prop up your phone, ipad, or computer so you can follow along our daily workout
… and get to work.
You can work out along with me. Or watch the workout first, and follow along later! 
With JLawBBall Live you’ll get the answers you need, every week directly from me. 
Each week, we will hop on a Q and A where I can answer your questions in “person”. 
While other online training companies make you send an email every time you have to ask a question or get help…
I want to make sure you get the support you need to get the most out of your training, every week. 
You’ll get weekly support, advice, and coaching from me and my team of trainers.  
Now that’s SUPPORT! 


Well, in short, I know I can help you. I've helped 1,000s of players become great players, and you can be my next success story!

If you don't know me well yet, my name is Jordan Lawley, a former D-1, four-year starter at UC San Diego, where I lead my team to our first ever NCAA tournament! I went on to play professionally in both Mexico and New Zealand, but truthfully, I’m much more well known, for my training today, than my play a few years back.
I now own my own facility in Irvine, California, where I, along with my incredible staff of trainers, work out with 100s of up-and-coming players like yourself, and more notably, NBA players such as…Klay Thompson, CJ McCollum, Zach Lavine, Carmelo Anthony and Julius Randle to name a few…
My passion is teaching the game at a high level, and installing my decades of high level playing, training, and coaching experience into as many players as possible. 

I'm not just some "Internet Trainer".  I live and dream basketball training, and some of the world's best choose to work with me, and trust me with their game and ultimately, their careers. 

If these guys trust me with their professional game and multi-million dollar contracts, I think you should trust me to help you get better too. 

What Will JlawBBALL LIve Help You Improve?


You’ll get access to 3 weekly workouts that will cover but not be limited to…

  •  Footwork
  • ​Ball Handling
  • ​Shooting Mechanics
  • ​Scoring Moves and Tactics
  • Athleticism
  •  Explosiveness
  •  Beating Defenders
  •  Defense
  • ​Conditioning



While other basketball training member-
ships charge anywhere between $29.95 up
 to $99.95 per month for “recorded drills and 
tactics” that lack direction, instruction, inn-
ovation, and SUPPORT.
JLawbball LIVE is an innovation unlike ANY 
basketball membership that will give you:
  •  Live Workouts 
  • ​ Innovative Training that works TODAY
  • ​ Access Directly on Instagram 
  • ​ Q and As directly with me, to continue to give you the support you need to get the best.
I could confidently charge $99 a month given
 the amount of value, focus, and access you’re
 getting inside of JLawBBall Live...

… And player’s currently spend over $1,000 a month to fly
 to California, rent a hotel or Airbnb, and work out with me
 in person here in Irvine for a day or two…

But, for JLawBBall Live, I’m not going to charge you any-
where near $1,000 a month! 

Ha, I’m not even going to charge 10x less… like the other
online basketball training memberships charging


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Weekly LIVE Training and
Access to Jordan Lawley

Never Before has the opportunity to train daily with an NBA Skills Trainer been Available to non-professional players...
And you can lock in your Founder’s rate for
only $19.95/month.
Does it get any better than that?
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What If I Want To Cancel?
No problem!  Just send an request in over to  LiveSupport@JordanLawley.com for an immediate cancellation!  No questions, No Hassle.
What If I Miss A Workout?
No Problem!  ALL Workouts will be available directly on the PRIVATE IGTV Platform that you're a Member of!
How Can I Work Out With You Daily?
Technology is an Incredible Thing!  Through your smart phone, tablet, or computer, you'll just need a ball, some space, and together, we will workout Monday Through Friday Together!  
How Do I Get The 3x Per Week Live Workouts?
Instead of making you log in to some website, with some random login name and password, I decided to BRING THE TRAINING TO YOU!  I'm going to invite you to my PRIVATE- Players Only Instagram Account, where we will workout together on Instagram LIVE 3 Days per week!
What If I Have Questions?
Ask in ANY Live Training or in our scheduled Q and A Sessions all basketball questions!  If you have technical or billing question, send an email to  LiveSupport@JordanLawley.com and we will get you taken care of ASAP!
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